Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Chapter

Crazy how fast life changes, isn't it? Five months ago Levi and I took this picture:


It was his birthday and we long-boarded around the neighborhood all night, made-out and enjoyed being [mostly] young and careless!

One month later, I peed on a stick and our lives changed forever.

It's not a simple change, by the way. It's not like... Oh my gosh I moved the kitchen soap to the right side of the sink instead of the left and now every time I go to wash my hands it takes me 3 seconds longer because I can't find the soap for a second and that's soooo annoying. It's like... Every second of every day your thoughts are different than they were before.

So, it's time to start recording this new journey. There's too much I don't want to forget.
Welcome to Love, Amalie Maren:  Baby edition.

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