Hey there.

This blog is one in a million!

No seriously though, there are a million blogs out there a lot like this one.  I take pictures.  I post them.  I write about what I'm feeling, I share with you my day to day life.  I try really hard not to be boring.

So then I guess the question would be, why do it?  Why do I, like so many others out there feel the need to fill a corner of cyberspace with, well, me?

In a lot of ways, blogging grounds me.  There are times when I need someone to talk to, there are times when I'm feeling insecure, there are times I feel like I need to be heard.  It's a place to come together with people you wouldn't previously be able to relate with.  It's a way to get your art out there and let others in.  It's a place for you to be heard.

I blog because I like to share.  I like the people I've met through the vast blogging world and I want to be able to add my voice.  I want to be able to share with them where they have been willing to so generously share with me.

I blog to relate.  Time after time in my life, I've needed justification, or understanding and I've found a blog where someone was willing to open their mind and speak from the heart and it has been exactly what I've needed to hear.  If there is any small part of me that can help lift someone else's spirits when they need it, that's not something I want to be burying and locking inside.

I hope you find my little corner interesting enough to stick around!  Let me know if I can do anything for you.

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